Monday, November 10, 2008

New Prime Minister!

On Saturday it was polling day.

2,979,366 people were enrolled to vote. Did you know if you are over 18 years of age you have to be enrolled to vote but this doesn't mean you have to vote.

Over the 6 months of electioneering the One News Polls were against Labour showing that National could take it out. Well this is what they did. Once all the votes were counted and Winston Peters had made his "I'll be back speech" it showed that there would be a John Key lead government.

This is how the percentages went:
National 45.5% (59 seats)
Labour 33.8% (43 seats)
The Green Party 6.5% (8 seats)
Act 3.7% (5 seats)
Maori 2.3% (5 seats)
United Future 0.9 % (1 seat)
Progressive Party 0.9% (1 seat)
Bill & Ben Party just over 0.5% (0 seats)
Nz First OUT (0 seats)

Some of the big surprises of the 2008 elections are:

Helen Clark stepping down from the role of the leader of the Labour Party
Winston Peters not getting Tauranga and not getting into parliament
Simon Bridges getting Tauranga by a convincing 10,000 votes
Judith Tizard (one of Helen Clarks best friends) being knocked out of parliament by Nationals Nikki Kaye
Michael Cullen (Labours finace minister) stepping down from his roles of deputy Prime Minister and Finace Minister but still being an MP

So all and all it was a clean win to National.



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