Friday, December 19, 2008

School 2008!

This year has been the best year of my life.
I have just had an absolutely awesome year being in Mr Woody's class.
Thanks for teaching me.
Anyway, what have been your favourite parts of this year?


HamilTRON said...

Hey Roo!!!

You've been a cool as class-mate this year!!!

Hope you have a merry xmas and a happy new year!!

My favourite part this year was probably the end of year top class comp.

We came 5th... what a coincidence!

CYA Next year!!! :)

Roo said...

You too.

Dreamhuntres said...

Do you know which class ur in yet?

Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

My favourite bit was when we went to water-world.

Roo said...

Yes Dreamhuntress.

Interesting Nei-Nei Neina-Marie.

MrWoody said...

having my lovely room5ians
starting kendo
bonding with manny
keeping chickens
going skiing
getting involved with council with room5ians

Roo said...


MrWoody said...

Still thinking of you ROOm5ians :-)
PLease come and say hello on the Woodmonstas blog

Nei-Nei Neina-Marie said...

I am still finding 2008 an awesome year... teehehe.
Do you like miniclip????????????
I like....
never mind.

Radioactive5ian said...

neina marie, youre mental. 2008 was soooooooooooo long ago but was fun. i liked that we had so many animals.