Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bull Fighting!

Toro, Toro.

Bull fighting is cruel.

I want your opinion on animal cruelty.


Ulaanbaataaraan said...

I agree that bull fighting is creul too, Roo, and I don't believe that innocent bulls should be slaughtered for amusement. The bulls have no idea what is going on and they don't have any protection against their necks being peirced with a matador's long and sharp sword. Most bulls never come out of the ring alive, lured to their deaths by a red cape. BULL FIGHTING IS NOT FIGHTING, IT IT SLAUGHTERING INNOCENT CREATURES WHO HAVE DONE NOTHING TO HURT ANYTHING!!!!!

kitty milo said...

i agree with roo and ulaanbaataaraan(lol random name) innocent bulls should NOT BE killed for peoples amusement and not be teased and hurt. it is mean. :-(
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Roo said...

Could someone find out why they run towards the red sheet.

Marshall said...

Bulls are colour blind! - The red is purely for the benefit of the spectators at a bull fight who like a colourful show - Although being a bright colour, it will still stand out more to the bull than a dull colour
i got this piece of info from http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20060703142834AAjKPc0

Roo said...

But then why do they run?

Marshall said...

maybe because the bull is sensitive to the colour, so it goes mental and charges at it. it is only my opinion!
P.S who is ulanbaataaraan? such a crazy name! (no offence)

Roo said...

Yeah they probably just have a bad temper and the red sheet is just for the viewers.
Thats what I think.

Ofir said...

Once I heard that what lures the poor bulls are the sudden movements of the sheet.

Roo said...

Cool nice info ofir and thanks.