Monday, March 3, 2008

D-day looms for Waddell and Drysdale

It's 1 all so it's crunch time for these two mens single scullers.
I want to know who you are going for and why after you have read this:


mr woody said...

it was a fascinating showdown - too bad Rob fell away due to his heart problem. On the other hand, it was good for Mahe that he won and hopefully it was good for his build up to the games.

btw - i am really appreciating your intelligent and sensible contributions in class. You are a top student who should be aiming for top academic this year. You will have to work to beat the competition though!

Keep up the good work!

Roo said...

Thanks Mr Woody,

Yeah it was sad that Rob's heart malfunctioned.

rosiegal said...

MAHE DRYSDALE IS THE WINNER!!! I feel sorry for rob waddel, apparently it was like rowing in mud :c(
Your blog is Radical!!!!!

Roo said...


Did you know that Mahe Drysdale has read a book to me.

kitty milo said...

yeh! when we were in room 2 mahe drysdale came in and he visited us before he was all well known and famous and i was absolutely wowed when he was taller than mr brommel!

Roo said...

Yeah he was tall. He was famous before he did this race.