Friday, March 28, 2008


Wow one of Hamilton's major events is really close, yes the Hamilton 400.

But this has cost 8 MILLION DOLLARS. Where there are somethings that need to happen like putting a underpass under Cobham Drive. All Hamilton's money is going on events. I'm not against the events but there are things that need to be DONE!

What do you guys think?


kitty milo said...

i love events, and it make more money for hamilton but there are things that need to be done but i dont know what.......?~~~?.....~/?????......?.

Roo said...

I had an example for you there is also things like tagging.

mr woody said...

I think it is very mature of you to be considering the pros and cons of something that i know you are really excited about.
very well done for your participation yesterday.

Roo said...

Yeah do you think that there should be an underpass under Cobham Drive?