Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Green Grass Is Back!

If you are like my family you love green grass.
With the drought the grass all went brown and dirty.
For a little while nobody was allowed to water their grass.
Imagine if everyone still watered their grass.
The river would be so low.
The river would be dirty.

But thanks to everyone who didn't water their lawns.
In my family we just waited and waited and finally the water came.
The grass is now green still not as green as Australia but green enough.

I'm wondering if you guys didn't water your lawns.
If you can think of more consequences please comment.

I'm glad the river didn't look like this:


mojo said...

yay it's green again, how do you get a cluster map.

Roo said...

Click on mine then click on Gat a clustr map (free)

rosiegal said...

Mine is mostly green now! The school field is still mostly hay though!

Roo said...

Yeah it's terrible that the school field is still brown.

mudpies02 said...

We didn't water our lawn (it's mostly weeds anyway!!) but some people sneakily stood out the front of their house with a hose and watered their garden - because they weren't allowed to use a sprinkler, they used the hose instead!! :c)

Roo said...

Yeah it wasn't against the rules but you had to stand there and hold the hose.