Thursday, April 17, 2008



Well they are here and it starts tomorrow.
Hope the weather is fine.
Are you guys going?
What do you guys think about the V8's?


mudpies02 said...

The weather has been pretty good for it :^) I'm not going, but you are, aren't you? How's it been so far??? GO HOLDEN!!!

mudpies02 said...

Just a question about ClustrMaps, I've already got the account & the code & stuff has been emailed to me, but where do we paste the code? It just says to paste it onto your webpage. :D

Roo said...

Well you go to cutomize-Click add page element-Go to third party function or something like that-then paste the code into the place where it says.

Yeah I did go to the V8's. It was so awesome. My favourite Garth Tander won all the V8 supercar races gaining 300 points(big deal). It is a bit said that Jamie Whincup couldn't race because his car got munted in a crash between him and Shane Price. There was so many crashes making it very exciting. Did you know that on the first two laps of the 3rd and 2nd race there was a crash. But over all a good race.

mudpies02 said...

Thank you! I have a ClustrMap now! Yay!!! :c)

olly said...

GO HOLDEN!!!!!!!!!!