Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Plutonium for electricity! What's next?

Pond scum or better known as algae.
You've heard of solar cars and electric cars but have you heard of algae cars.
Yes that's right algae cars.
Glen Kertz says he can produce pond scum very quickly.
He says it will make a new bio fuel.
The fuel will be cheaper, green and better for the environment than oil.
He says if he took a 10th of the size of the state Texas he would be able to make enough algae constantly to satisfy Americas fuel needs for a year.
This new fuel will take between 5-10 years to be a worldwide fuel.

For more information check this out:
or for a short video look at this:


mudpies02 said...

Ew! Gross! It's a good idea though - it's good to be green!!

Roo said...

Yeah it's amazing aye.

mech boy said...

It's kind of weird though. It won't be as efficient as petrolium I would assume. Plus, wouldn't we have to change our cars?

rosiegal said...

Wow! People normally hate the stuff, but now it might be useful!! Thanx roo for helping mudpies with the clustrmap, because she helped me get mine!

Roo said...

Thats O.K.
Well it's funny you say that mechboy because if you actually read the post it says the stuff about the size of Texas. How efficient do you want it to be!?

MrWoody said...

very interesting post! i know that bio fuels are actually causing major environmental problems as some countries clear forests to grow them or change their traditional farming practices. the upside of the second issue is we will be able to sell more dairy products to countries like America.
i like your photo!

Roo said...


Yeah this is 'green' because it is using natural light to make the scum. Also because it is being made in deserts and unused space.

mudpies02 said...

That's good that it's being made in unused space - not chopping down rainforests or something like that to make it, because it wouldn't be very green if it was. Texas might not be to happy with the idea though... lol